Arcadis CEO to accept 2021 Holland on the Hill Heineken Award

Peter Oosterveer, CEO of Arcadis, will receive the 2021 Holland on the Hill Heineken Award during a ceremony on Capitol Hill. Oosterveer will be recognized for his role in strengthening the economic relationship between the Netherlands and the United States through the work of Arcadis. Founded in 1888, Arcadis is a global design and engineering firm known for its expertise in water management, flood protection, resiliency, sustainability, remediation and mobility.

Oosterveer joined Arcadis in 2017. Under his leadership, the company has worked to embed sustainability into every project it takes on and aims, in three years’ time, to measure the impact of its projects against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In the US, Arcadis has consulted with officials in several states including Georgia, Louisiana, and New York on public health, flood protection, and mobility issues. Arcadis partnered with the New York Department of Health for a pilot program in four counties to analyze wastewater to detect the presence of COVID-19 in the community. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, Arcadis contributed to the “Big U” plan designed to protect Manhattan from storm surges. After Hurricane Katrina, Arcadis helped New Orleans’ officials develop a new flood defense system. And in Atlanta, the company developed an Intelligent Transportation System to balance the traffic flow and create safer conditions along Atlanta’s North Avenue Smart Corridor. Arcadis also partners with private-sector organizations and industry to help improve their long-term resiliency and sustainability.

The Holland on the Hill Heineken Award, named for Freddy Heineken, honors an entrepreneur who has made a substantial and positive impact on the economic ties between the Netherlands and the United States.

Members of the media are invited to attend the ceremony and must RSVP to by 12 p.m. on November 23.

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