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The Holland Club is a social organization whose purpose is to promote fellowship among its members, and to further interest in the Netherlands and the Dutch Customs and traditions.
The Holland Club was founded in 1960 and celebrated 50 years in 2010. Our annual events include: a Wine and Cheese gathering; Las Vegas Night; Oranjebal celebrating our King’s Day; pool and beach parties; our annual Indonesian dinner, the Rijsttafel; and Christmas and Sinterklaas parties.
Some of our members get together regularly for a pleasant Dutch-style ‘koffie uurtje’ or to play Bridge and Klaverjas. We are always open for new initiatives and more information can be received by contacting us at


Editor: Leo Valk editor@hollandclub.org

Planned activities in 2020/21


For more details about these events, contact us at editor@hollandclub.org

  • Monthly Coffee mornings hosted by members
  • Wine & Cheese Party – February
  • Holland Club Brunch at Rio Ranch – March (tentative)
  • Las Vegas Night –  March
  • Orange Lunch – April
  • Rijst tafel – August
  • Haring & hutspot, Annual Mtg – October
  • Christmas Party – December

Well as the year progressed we could meet due to virus concern so not many of our activities actually happened. We wait until we can meet again face to face, without a mask and get back to our parties.

Celebrating Dutch-American Friendship Day

Today, the Netherlands network in the United States celebrates Dutch-American Friendship Day.  April 19, is the anniversary of the day in 1782 when John Adams was received by the States General in the Hague and became America’s first ambassador to the Netherlands.Adams’ house at Fluwelen Burgwal 18 in the Hague became one of the first American embassies in the world.

As America’s first ambassador to the Netherlands, Adams signed in 1782 the first Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the Netherlands and the United States. This treaty was an important step in the United States’ efforts to take its rightful place in the world as a sovereign state. The treaty strengthened the economic ties that existed between the two nations since the 17th century.

When President Ronald Reagan designated this day as Dutch-American Friendship Day in 1982, he explained that our relationship is “the United States’ longest unbroken, peaceful relationship with any foreign country.”

Our relationship remains strong today, as evidenced by our robust economic ties (supporting 825,000 American jobs), our joint efforts in international- and NATO missions to make the world safer and more secure, and our cooperation in diplomacy, culture and innovation.

We  celebrate the values that the US and the Netherlands have in common. We celebrate the 4.5 million Americans who have Dutch heritage. And we honor the sacrifices that the US has made to secure our freedom in the Netherlands.

Read the full proclamation by President Ronald Reagan.

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