Lid Worden/Membership

We invite you to become a regular member of the Holland Club Houston
Please print and complete the form at the bottom of this page. The club prefers to submit all communications to the members by e-mail for efficiency, and cost savings on paper and stamps. The E-mail address provided by you will be used to send you all Club communications.
Mail the form below and your check, payable to “The Holland Club”, to:

507 Green Belt drive
Sugarland, TX 77498
Membership choices and associated membership dues are as follows:

  1. Family Membership:          $ 50.00            Two adults and children under 18
  2. Single Membership:          $ 25.00                        Individual
  3. Subscriber Membership:  $ 10.00                        email only

If you cannot print this form, please include the requested information on a separate piece of paper included with your check mailing.

Thank you for supporting The Holland Club.
We hope to see you soon!


The Holland Club Inc.
Subscription Form for your 2017 Membership

Please complete the information below, and return this form with your payment:Name:____________________________________________________________________



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